Tongkat-Ali benefits for male

Tongkat-Ali is an herbal remedy, made from the roots of the tree called Eurycoma longifolia.

It has been a part of the Chinese culture for centuries as a traditional remedy. In fact, it is not really well known even in Asia except for China which is the first consumer of the plant. The root is absolutely legal for consumers to own and add to their daily diet in every countries of the world.

Tongkat-Ali interest is growing in popularity in western countries such as the US in the last few years thanks to its health benefits and science-backed benefits, which is digging more and more in the effects and potential usages of the root in treatment or prevention of illnesses, and as a food supplement.

It is more and more studied by scientists, validating its efficiency.

Tongkat-Ali benefits for the prostate

Tongkat-Ali main compound has cytotoxicity, anti-proliferative and aphrodisiac properties.

A study has revealed that cytotoxicity has significant effects toward cancer cell lines, called LNCaP, and prostate specific antigen (PSA) production.

In summary, the study found that Tongkat Ali inhibits the viability of cancerous LNCaP cells. It has also found Tongkat Alin inhibited PSA production. It is indeed a promising supplement for patients suffering of prostate cancer, in addition to their treatment. It can also used in cancer prevention in aging males.

Complete study available here :

Tongkat-Ali benefits for stress

Tongkat Ali has been found to significantly reduce the stress, thanks to an increase in testosterone (+37%), which higher levels helps in stress management situations, and a reduction of cortisol levels, also known as the stress hormone! (-16%)

More about this study here :

There are no doubt that senior professionals and entrepreneurs between the age of 30-60 will appreciate Tongkat-Ali as a perfect food supplement to add to their daily diet to help them manage often stressful jobs and cope with the daily pressure that can be put on them.

Tongkat-Ali benefits for testosterone

Healthy levels of testosterone have various benefits for men.

A huge part of men suffer of low testosterone due to aging. In fact, testosterone levels is peaking at age 20 and decreasing at a rate of 1% per year !

So if you’re 30 years old, you have probably already lost 10% of your testosterone, 20% at 40 years old and so on… So it is safe to assume that you have a rather low level of testosterone rather than a high one.

Daily supplementation with TheLittleHerbalist organic Tongkat-Ali Pure Root extract will improve your stress hormone profile and mood.

Testosterone also plays an important role in muscle building and preservation, as well as in libido.

In reality, it is also often use by athletes in their training routine and by people who are trying to have a healthy sex life.

Studies have shown that this incredible root can indeed stimulate libido, and on top of that, promote spermatozoids mobility and overall fertility.

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